How to Fix BAD POOL HEADER Error ?

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asked Apr 5, 2017 in BSOD Help & Support by Jones
I am having a Dell Inspiron laptop. I upgraded the OS from windows 7 home basic 64bit to Windows 10 64bit
I even practiced a hard reset and installed all the software one more time.
Everything was going well until the day I found my laptop suffering from BSOD with BAD_POOL_HEADER issue.
Now, whenever I boot my laptop this error bothers me. How to fix it permanently?

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answered Apr 7, 2017 by keira0607 (420 points)

In order to fix BAD_POOL_HEADER error in Windows 8, bit by bit instructions given beneath to be followed:

1. Restart Windows 8.
2. If restarting doesn’t fix an issue, then insert Windows 8 bootable media within optical media drive (CD/DVD Drive).
3. On displayed Windows Setup box, click Next.
4. On next page, click Repair system.
5. Then click Troubleshoot from appearing menu
6. Refresh your Troubleshoot screen.
7. After that click Next.
8. On next page, from the list of operating systems Choose a target, i.e. Windows 8.
9. On the next page, click Refresh to start the refresh process.
10. Wait till Windows 8 system gets refreshed and recommence system automatically.

In Windows 8, at times this error is even displayed because of erroneous registry entries, and indecent request or device driver installation. So, to fix BAD_POOL_HEADER error, a straightforward reboot is necessary. On the other hand, if an issue is not determined after system resumes, few advanced and extra technically multifaceted steps should be taken with the intention of getting a system up and running.

BAD_POOL_HEADER error issues should be gripped by administrators of Windows 8 system, users at homes can repair the problem by refreshing or resetting OS.

Note: Refreshing takes Windows 8 settings back to originals without eliminating user’s data. Whereas, resetting deletes user’s personal data together with Windows 8 settings back to defaults.

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