Can anyone guide me with the cause and resolution to HTTP Error 400 Bad request

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asked Apr 5, 2017 in General Discussions by James Disuza

This is the error that I am receiving whenever I try to hit any website with the help of the Opera Browser. I have tried pulling my battery, sending my Host Routing Table again and removing my cache. But nothing worked actually. Can anyone assist me to get rid of this issue?

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answered Apr 20, 2017 by Edward (300 points)
  1. First look for errors within URL. Most common cause for 400 Bad Request errors is since the URL was inserted wrong or link was clicked on points to URL having specific mistake in it, as a syntax problem.

Significant: This is very probable the problem if you receive 400 Bad Request error. Particularly, check additional, characteristically non-permitted characters in URL as percentage character or dollar sign, etc. While there are completely suitable uses for things as % character, if you notice some other standard URL you won’t find one as such.

  • Clean cookies from browser, mainly if you are receiving Bad Request error using Google service. Several sites account 400 errors when cookie is corrupted or too old.
  • Clear DNS cache, which ought to fix 400 Bad Request errors if it is being led by out-of-date DNS records that are stored in your PC. Do this in Windows using ipconfig /flushdns from Windows Command Prompt.

Note: This is not similar as that of clearing browser’s cache.

  • Clear browser’s cache. A cached, but fraudulent copy of website that you’re trying to access, but receiving 400 error on, could be root of issue. Cleaning cache is notlikely to fix for all of 400 bad Request errors, but it is worth trying because it is quick and easy.
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