Display is Rotated. What to do?

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asked Apr 5, 2017 in General Discussions by Albert

Hi….I was working on my brother’s computer and I have messed up the monitor and now I am trying to figure out what I have done and put it back before he finds out. I was playing a game and the computer locked -up. I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del to go to the Task Manager and I tried to close out the applications but it was on the processes page instead. I was trying to hitting any button to see if I could get the restart the system properly. I finally tried to “Start” button, hit restart the computer and it shut down and came back on but unfortunately the display on the monitor is rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise. I am looking for a way to put this back before my brother notices. Thanks in advance.

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answered Apr 5, 2017 by Alva Christeen (390 points)

Usually, this kind of issue is caused by a game that has changed the Rotation setting within the Graphics Controller. In order to change this back, you can try these steps:

  • Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Intel Extreme Graphics Applet -> Rotation tab
  • Uncheck the Enable Rotation Check Box and Click Apply and then OK.
  • Now Exit Control Panel

Try these above steps. Hope this works. All the Best!!!

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