Remote Desktop- Couldn't connect to the remote PC Error code 0x204

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asked Sep 17, 2018 in General Discussions by Alice Markwell

While trying to connect through Remote desktop in Windows 10 getting the error code 0x204. I have enabled the require network authentication but getting the 0x204 error. I disabled the Firewall and third party antivirus program but this won’t work for me. Please help me to fix the Remote Desktop Error 0x204 in Windows 10.

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answered Sep 17, 2018 by Taylor (420 points)

Well, to connect to the PC, you need to verify several conditions first like system should be turned on, the remote desktop must be enabled, it has the network connection, must have network access to the remote computer and also have the permission to connect to another device.  

If, this all works fine then reset the remote desktop connection for your account to do so follow the steps.

  1. Press Windows + S > type Remote Desktop > Enter.
  2. Now open the app in question > move to the Remote Desktop connection that you need to delete.
  3. And click on an icon (three horizontally aligned dots)
  4. Choose the Remove option > close the Remote Desktop app.

Now open the app ad set up the connections you have deleted earlier.

Hope the issue is resolved now but if not then follow other tested solutions in the article:

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