WinX menu not working in Windows 10

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asked Jul 25, 2018 in General Discussions by Lovely

Feeling helpless, I was not able to access the WIN + X menu.  At the time I right-clicking on the start button the cursor jumps up to the right. I performed an SFC scan but nothing works. Any help is appreciated. 

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answered Jul 25, 2018 by Sherry (820 points)

Well, this is a common problem that most of the Windows 10 users are found struggling with. However many users have fixed the error by running the SFC scan.

But this won’t help you to fix the error then uninstall QuickSFV and AirDroid application. Check if you have installed then uninstall it. This works for many users. And if this won’t works for you then try performing a Clean Boot in Windows 10.

Doing this will start your system in the minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This also helps you to eliminate software conflicts that occur during installing a program or an update.

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