Is Windows Defender ideal sufficient for Windows 10?

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asked Oct 4, 2017 in Windows Security by Taylor (420 points)

Hello everyone, I am using Windows 10 operating system and using the inbuilt Windows Defender security program.

But one of my close friend, suggest me installing the other third party anti malware program for my Windows 10 OS.

So, I want to know is there any need to install the third party security program or the Windows Defender is ideal sufficient for my Windows 10 OS.  

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answered Oct 4, 2017 by Alva Christeen (390 points)

Windows Defender supplies the basic security layer to Windows 10 OS. But this is ideal not sufficient for providing the best security to Windows 10.

Now days the hackers, cyber criminals have become more advanced to infect the Windows OS easily. There are many advanced and tricky viruses, malware other malicious programs are integrated by hackers to infect the users Windows PC. Windows defender is individually not enough to defend these security threats.

Apart from that there are many other reasons too that clearly state why you need to install antivirus program for your Windows 10 OS.

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